Oshwal Centre

Situated just a few minutes away from the very busy Westlands Commercial District of Nairobi, stands our Oshwal Centre.

Magnificent, superb, stately, state the art… such are the words that are used to describe our Centre by visitors. One just wonders how such a huge, yet so tranquil, place has been built in the busy metropolis of Nairobi.

The centre was conceived way back in the 1980s. At that time our elders felt we needed a place nearer to our popular residential areas of Parklands and Westlands, a place near our schools, place with adequate parking facilities. Physical space for the Centre was identified in 1984.

Planning and construction of Oshwal Centre began in the year 1995 and it took seven years to complete the project. However, the most beautiful thing was how our community got together for a mammoth fund-raising for the project. It is this spirit of self-less dedication and philanthropy that is manifested so vividly in the building of Oshwal Centre.

The aesthetics reflect a Jain background. There is free flow of natural air. A generator has already been installed. Filtered water and drinking water facilities are in place inside the Centre. Security is adequate by way of guards and electric fence. External lighting is sufficient for use at night. Cutlery, utensils and kitchen equipment (for Hire) are now stored at the Center. Notice Boards have been placed near the main entrance. A Duty Officer is always present at the Center and can be contacted on Telephone No. 0733446661.

On any given day, the Centre can accommodate up to 4000 people easily if all facilities are made available. This makes it one of the largest such facilities right in the heart of Nairobi.

The following activities currently go on at the centre but suggestions for more are welcome.

· Religious activities

· Wedding, receptions, jalebi gathiyas, luncheons, Balmovara and such social gatherings.

· Sports.

· Exhibitions, Workshops, Talks, Trade-fairs and Seminars.

· Plays and concerts,

· Walking, jogging, cycling and other physical activities.

This is a place for Oshwals to meet , know and understand each other.

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