Communication and Technology - Projects

 Communication and Technology Committee



Our vision and mission: Paperless Community, Ease of Communication, Computer Literacy, Website update, Information Flow, Membership Card (With Access control & Census)



a. Prepare VOC Newsletter (4 per year) - 2 Big Issues and 2 Smaller Electronic Issues
b. Maintain an updated VOC Members database and membership card issuance
c. Analyze IT requiremenst for VOC office, Library, Sports Complex and centralise database and bring technology up to date
d. Assist Library Committee to computerize entire Library system
e. Research and Report on how to best archive all VOC Records and Important Documents
f. Maintain, update and promote VOC website -
g. Ensure a paperless community in the next 5 years
h. Set up database for Matrimonial Prospects
i. Oshwal Community Nairobi Census


GOALS ACHIEVED THUS FAR - by present Communications & Technology Committee:

a. Maintain, Update & promotion of website -
b. VOC Newsletters - Successfully published online and hard copy
c. Oshwal Business Directory - Online project - implemented successfully -
d. E-School - Computer classes for the elderly - 40 years and above - implemented and running with lots of enthusiasm
e. English Classes - English classes from back to basics to full literacy - Stage 1 implemented and on going
f. Membership Cards - System put in place and first batch of cards created and issued to all OMRS Members
g. Matrimonials prospects - being looked into
h. Going Paperless - We started with having the VOC newsletter being published online via our website
i. Community Members Email Service implemented -
j. Oshwal Members Census 2012 - On Going -