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Women’s Wing of OYL, has been actively involved in various community projects benefitting members of all ages in various fields.
The first of the projects for 2010 was the Christmas party for the cancer stricken children at the
Oncology department of Kenyatta National Hospital. Like every year this year too the children were treated to a sumptuous meal with lots of presents a magician to amuse them and a balloonist as well as facepainting. Their dorm got a face lift with new mosquito nets donated by W.W OYL
2010, started with a SALAD DEMONSTRATION. This was a ‘sold-out’ project and duly expected as everyone is becoming more and more health conscious. The delicious salads and different dressings were sampled, together with a mouth-watering lunch.
HEALTH AWARENESS DAY, our next project, held on 14th September, at Oshwal Sports Complex not only nourished our bodies and souls with
different physical activities like Circuit Training, Yoga, Pillates as well as, Detox Treatment and a Talk on Aging Gracefully but also contributed largely to our well being. The scrumptious healthy lunch served, was very well appreciated.
The festival of Navratri where Raas-Garba and Dandiya’s are played in an atmosphere filled with colorful attires prompted our next project, ‘TEACHING OF GARBA STEPS.’ New styles of playing Garba were taught and in spite of being thrown off balance after twirling around so much, it was truly fun filled.
ALL IZ WELL was our next project. This was done in conjunction with The Young Jains and gave an insight into how to control your temperament especially in situations which are beyond our control.
Giving to the Needy has always been a priority for Women’s Wing. Our 2010 charity project, THE GIFT OF SIGHT involved collecting funds from well wishers and donating towards Cataract operations conducted by the Lions Eye Hospital in Loresho. We conducted 3 eye camps with a total of 500 cataract operations done over the year The last of the camp we had a collection of 520000kshs. The patients came from the very rural areas of Sultan Hamud and Narok to name a few. They were given the transport to and from their area and 3 days stay at the hospital with all the after care. This will be our ongoing project as it has benefitted so many people.
W.W also donated 40,000kshs to AMARA TRUST which is a charity aimed at uplifting the various schools for the betterment of the needy children.
This again was sold out as we had limited places in the bus. We hired the bus from OERB and 30 of us left on a fine Tuesday Morning on 30th Nov
2010. The ladies had an excellent and educative time at the farm as well as the bakery.


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