The objective of present Maintenance Committee is to ensure the properties of V.O.C Institutions – Oshwal Centre, V.O Mahajanwadi & Munisuvrat Jinalay, Jainsala Road Derasar, Oshwal Sports Complex are well maintained, which the members of community can utilize with convenience and serve the needs.

Apart from routine maintenance carried out as and when necessary the committee has been active and vibrant, accomplished some beneficial projects at Oshwal Centre and Muni Suvrat Jinalay successfully. The projects are:


  • Resurfacing of the walking track on the ground along with installation of lights around the track to enable members to enjoy the facilities. The track lights are set with the Timer. It switches ON in the morning from 5.30am and late evenings up to 9.00pm, is well received, and appreciated by users of the track.

New improved Flood Lights for the ground are beneficial to youth playing football in the evenings and also for the functions.

  • Installation of New Generator Systems which have taken into account the demand for current and future requirements of Power, to ensure that all functions in the Centre takes place with minimal disruption as a result of the power outages that occur often.
  • An Uninterrupted Power Supply (“UPS”) system for both Electricity and Sound has been installed in the Auditorium to minimise interruptions during social events/activities by enabling a transitional power supply and allow for the generator power supply to take over during power outages.


  1. Ramps and Railings installed in Senior Citizen area for support and easy mobility for elders within the said area.
  1. Installation of additional Water Storage Tanks to supplement the water needs between five to seven days during disruptions of mains by Water Supply.
  1. The Waterproofing of Roof top of Derasar, replacement of damaged and missing Karash on the Shikhar followed by Painting to restore the image.
  1. A Drop of Point for elders and disabled from the vehicles in the parking area near the Ramp reserved for easy access to Derasar.

The committee is looking forward to implement projects lined up for this calendar year.