• Has been informally existing under various names since 1928. Its roots lie in the Visa Oshwal Community, Nairobi & Oshwal Education & Relief Board.
  • Officially registered as a Society at the Registrar of Societies, Sheria House, Nairobi in 1954
  • Emphasis in the very early days was on sports, physical fitness, volunteerism and brotherhood. And most importantly – social reform e.g. discouraging child-marriage, promoting widow re-marriage, encouraging education etc. The Society also had religious connotations. Members of the League were considered social revolutionaries.
  • In the 1970s the Women’s Wing was established as a sub-committee. Ladies actively participated in all the League’s projects. In that era a more cosmopolitan flavour was added to the League’s activities in terms of dinner dances, tours, fashion shows, whist drives/cards tournaments, dramas (which were acted by the League’s members) etc.
  • Sports still was the mainstay of the League’s activities with the first Oshwal Youth Festival incorporating sports, educational activities culture & entertainment being inaugurated in Easter 1979. This massive annual event has now dubbed the ‘Oshwal Games’ has more or less annually been hosted on rotation basis by various Oshwal communities (Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru & Eldoret) every Easter, attracting participation from as far afield as India, USA, UK & South Africa. More than 20 different sports/games are competed against. The 2003 Games served as the League’s Platinum celebrations.
  • Debates, painting competitions, hobbies exhibitions, art/craft bazaars, baby health shows, quiz contests, treasure hunts, film shows, medical / professional lectures, children’s parties have all been popular activities in the 1980s. The nature and scope of the League’s activities is vast and endless. Some events though managed entirely on a voluntary basis have been so professionally and meticulously organized as to leave the participants and community at large dumbstruck.
  • Newsletters have been very creatively published with the contents being at par with any popular magazine.
  • Over the years millions of shillings have been raised towards charity. Free eye, ear, dental, ENT and general health camps have been held in rural areas for the benefit of the poor & needy who have been treated absolutely free-of charge.
  • From 2000 onwards the average age of the committee became much younger. Today most are below 30 years of age. In spite of facing the odds in terms of member recruitment, response towards projects, emigration of active members, brain-drain within the Community, competition from alternative social/sporting clubs and institututions, the League has still managed to outshine and organize the ‘21st Century Business Trade Fair’.
The aims and objectives of Oshwal Youth League is to promote growth of our members in areas such as sports, music, education, religion & health and to undertake development activities that will put us on the tide of contemporary progress in there fields.
It is also our duty to volunteer in projects and undertakings of the Oshwal community at large.
The Oshwal Youth League have a variety of projects ranging from charity drives, entertainment, and health talks among others.

Some of the projects undertaken are:
  • Jaipur foot and wheel chair donations.
  • Biathlon-Marathon and Cyclathon.
  • Talks on awareness of breast cancer.
  • Salad demonstrations.
  • Italian cooking demonstrations.
  • Flower demonstrations.
  • Diwali / New year Bhajans.
  • How well do you know your partner?
  • Foot ball tournaments.
There is a ladies sub-committee under the OYL, which is known as Women's Wing. They are the real backbone of the main committee.
Last year OYL celebrated its 75 years and amongst the celebrations were the major Oshwal Games, several entertainment nights like the Kathiawadi Nite, Singing competition, Boogie Dancing competition and many others.