The Oshwal Youth League has existed since 1928, although only being formally registered as a society in 1954. The League is a youth driven organisationwith the aims of promoting youth development and providing leadership opportunities for the next generation in sporting, entrepreneurship and volunteering activities, amongst many others. The nature and scope of the League’s activities is vast and endless, nevertheless, its objectives have remained constant: bring people together to celebrate culture, benevolence and pluralism.


The League has consistently and successfully been making an impact on Kenya. Early on in its inception, the League partook in social reform activities, from advocating against child marriage and restrictions against re-marriage of widows, to encouraging education for all. Now, the League is known for having raised many millions of shillings towards charitable causes such as general health camps for rural Kenyans, free ENT drives, provision of boreholes and many more. In addition, the Oshwal Youth Festival, which was eventually dubbed as the “Oshwal Games”, was inaugurated by the League in the Easter of 1979. This magnanimous event continues to be hosted on a rotational basis by various Oshwal communities across Kenya.


In the 1970’s, the Oshwal Youth League Women’s Wing was established as a sub-committee of the League. Like the Oshwal Youth League, the Women’s Wing gave ladies an opportunity to partake in development and leadership programs of their own, as well as through their participation in all the League’s projects. The Women’s Wing gave ladies a forum to express themselves, their entrepreneurial skills and talents away from home. The Women’s Wing brought a cosmopolitan flair to the League’s activities through numerous dinners & dances, travel tours, fashion shows, as well as theatrical dramas. Yet, the Women’s Wing, true to the League’s founding principles, continues to raise money for charitable purposes, The Gift of Sight being one of its most renowned projects to date.


In recent years, the main committee of the League and Women’s Wing have joined forces on numerous projects, including the annual hosting of Navratri and the Diwali Art Competition. Together the committees are also known give back to the seniors of our community by organisingvarious lunches and organisedtours to neighbouringcities and towns.


The Oshwal Youth League and the Women’s Wing’s events continue to be managed entirely on a voluntary basis.  They also continue to adhere to the League’s founding principles of youth development and provide opportunities for Oshwal community members to better themselves professionally and socially.


The League welcomes all committed, hardworking members of the Oshwal community who are looking for an opportunity to give back to the community to join them.